Cash Bonds


First Appearance – In NC when someone is arrested and charged with a crime that could potentially land them jail time, they are given a “First Appearance” (usually the first business day courts are open) The purpose is to set a court date, offer attorney and legal representation options, and set a bail. The facts of the case are not normally heard; however, some counties allow victims, witnesses, and family members to speak about the Defendant’s character and ask the judge for bail leniency. Once the judge issues a bond, retaining us allows us to immediately prepare the necessary paperwork to post bail and have your love one released quickly.

Failure to Appear

When someone misses court, this is referred to as an FTA. An Order for Arrest is issued and the defendant is re-arrested. When this happens, the bond typically doubles as this is considered a higher risk bond. If court is missed two or more times for the same case, usually referred to as “having a second box checked”; this is the highest risk bond to the Surety and Bail Bond Agency, and in most cases, bondsmen will not touch it. However, we understand life happens, so we take everything in consideration and will do our best to help. In the event we post the bond in this instance, collateral will likely be required. (see How it Works section) Keep in mind the purpose of bail is to ensure their appearance in court; bondsmen take on this liability based on the defendants’ promise to show up, and the co-signers’ promise to ensure it. Therefore; in many cases, an FTA Bond can in a sense start off as a strike against you.

Outstanding Warrants

Order for Arrest

Missed Court – In these situations, retaining a bondsman can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in booking (jail processing), and prevent “dressing out” (putting on that dreadful jumpsuit). We will accompany you to the magistrate’s office to essentially “turn yourself in”; however, as soon as you have been seen and given a bond, we will quickly post it so you can be released.

Payment Options

There are times when we understand you may not have 100% of the bonding fee upfront and we will allow a zero interest payment plan. Payments are paid weekly or biweekly based on your pay cycle and preference. This payment plan is an intricate part of the bonding contract; failure to make payments on time could result in bond termination.